Connection to Dynalite systems can be made via the RS232 interfaces, either using BeoLiving Intelligence RS232 port or via an Ethernet to RS232 interface.

Native Dynalite Ethernet interfaces are not supported in the current software.

Dynalite resources

Resources may be area presets and dimmers.

A preset is identified by an area number plus a preset number in the range 1 to 24, separated by a comma.

Events and commands

A preset selection can be detected by BeoLiving Intelligence as an event. The parameters for the event are the preset number and the bank number.

For setting up a Dynalite control to affect only BeoLiving Intelligence, this control must be assigned an area number not used by any dimmer or actuator.

The available commands are: Preset selection, Switch area off, and Area fade UP / DOWN / STOP.

The parameters for preset selection are area number and preset number.

For area off and area fading, the only parameter is the area number.