GC iTach IP2IR

This driver supports communication with a Global Cache iTach IP2IR system, allowing to control IR controlled devices.

Connecting to the system

Connection to the system is done via Ethernet. The following parameters should be provided:

  1. Host: The IP address or host name of the device.
  2. Port: The port number where the device is waiting for connections (the suggested default will probably be correct).

Available resources

This driver is based on sending strings to the external system. Therefore a resource is a generic string.

There are 3 parameters to each resource:

  • Name of the resource.
  • Resource type.
  • A resource address, which is a string representation of the IR command.

IR Commands

Control of IR devices is accomplished through use of the sendir command, which could be captured by using Global Cache IR capturing software iLearn, or by getting it from Global Cache’s Control Tower, a cloud-based IR database.

An IR command (infrared transmission), is created by sending an IR timing pattern to the iTach. This pattern is a collection of on and off states modulated with a carrier frequency, which is present during the on state.

Sendir has the following structure:


where N is less than 260 number pairs.

For example TV Standby command in B&O IR format looks like this: