BeoLiving Intelligence Integration Developers' Guide

Driver development

Developers wishing to integrate a new system or unsupported device with the BeoLiving intelligence may create a driver for the BLI to communicate with their system. The driver development guide is available for anybody wishing to try and write their own driver in Lua programming language.

The BeoLiving Intelligence’s web Setup page has a driver development tool (Tools–>Advanced–>Custom Driver Editor) that permits you to test your driver while developing.

Good documentation is important for users to be able to easily use your driver, we have a template for the driver_help field (written in markdown):

Assistance is available through our support email:

Available Drivers

A complete list of the supported systems is available on the Drivers page. You will find the documentation of each driver by pressing on the driver’s name.

Client integration

It is also possible to control the BeoLiving Intelligence and all its resources using the Home Integration Protocol. This could be useful for third parties wishing to create APPS or to control the BeoLiving Intelligence with their own user interface. You can access this protocol by contacting us at explaining what your usecase would be.

Client integration would also grant access and control to everything the BLI integrates with in a standarized way (this includes B&O products and much more. E.g: DoorBird, Dynalite, Lutron, Nest thermostat, Philips Hue, Vantage, Velux, etc.).