BeoLiving documentation

A focus on making life easier and more enjoyable has given rise to BeoLiving Intelligence, the first Plug & Play smart home controller for Bang & Olufsen products. BeoLiving Intelligence, successor of BeoLink Gateway, is the latest creation resulting from the Bang & Olufsen and Khimo partnership which dates back to 2005. BeoLiving Intelligence expands the way Bang & Olufsen products can work together, as well as allowing them to interact with many other brands of consumer electronic devices.

Together with the beautifully sculpted, simple and intuitive, companion BeoLiving App, all the magic BeoLiving Intelligence allows is directly accessible and configurable at arm’s reach. Use the BeoLiving App in your phone or tablet to easily control your Bang & Olufsen products alongside the most popular Home Automation brands.

Out of the box, BeoLiving Intelligence comes in ESSENTIAL mode: easy to configure, install and start living the experience. But this is just a taste of all what BeoLiving Intelligence can do.

By upgrading to BeoLiving Intelligence PRO through a one-time paid license fee, you will have access to a full professional smart home solution.

The next table shows the comparison between BeoLiving Intelligence ESSENTIAL and BeoLiving Intelligence PRO:

Control of Bang & Olufsen products
Control of Philips Hue products
Control of ONVIF enabled cameras
Control through BeoLiving App
Control through Bang & Olufsen's TVs
Create Scenes through BeoLiving App
Voice control through Alexa
Voice control through Google Assistant
Remote support specialist
IFTTT support
Halo Remote automatic configuration
Integration with most popular Home Automation brands
Voice control and remote control through Siri Shortcuts
Web interface advanced configuration
Control through its Web interface
Bang & Olufsen Light & Control functions as Macro triggers
Integration with MasterLink legacy products through a BLGW or MLGW
Lua Macro commands
Customization of BeoLiving App
Customization of Halo Remote


BeoLiving Intelligence Essential is the fastlane towards Home Automation. Connect the BLI to your network and power it up, on the BeoLiving app for iOS* add your B&O speakers, Philips Hue lights, and ONVIF cameras, and configure simple automation Scenes throught your house.

Recreate your home on the app* with all the zones you wish, and integrate your equipment with Voice Assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

* Configuration of a BLI Essential is only possible on the iOS BeoLiving app, the Android app allows control but not configuration.

Start now!

BeoLiving Intelligence does not need an installer, a few simple, non technical steps and it’s ready to shine.

Follow the Quick setup to get your BeoLiving Intelligence up and running. Go to the User guide for better understanding of all the possibilities BeoLiving Intelligence has to offer. The Link to third parties guide lists all the steps to enable some of the third party services like Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Watch an example of a simple home installation done in only four minutes using the BeoLiving Intelligence on Essential mode:


BeoLiving Intelligence PRO transforms into the custom installer dream controller. With its Real-Time Configuration platform, it provides the simplest yet most powerful way to integrate, control and automate an entire home. Even if you don’t own any Bang & Olufsen products, your unique home automation and audio/video ecosystem will be accessible as one entity through the expertly crafted BeoLiving App.

Also, migrating from BeoLink Gateway to BeoLiving Intelligence in PRO mode is possible and only takes a few steps. If you are a BeoLink Gateway installer check our quick introduction explaining the main differences between both controllers and instructions on how to migrate from one controller to another.

To experience all of what BeoLiving Intelligence is capable of, upgrade to its PRO mode. Go to the PRO User guide to learn all of its functionalities and features, and refer to the System drivers guide if you want information about a specific supported driver. BLI for BLGW installers shows the main differences between both controllers and explains the simplest way to migrate from BeoLink Gateway to BeoLiving Intelligence.

Remote support

With BeoLiving Intelligence, you can now invite an installer through the BeoLiving App or its web-interface (PRO) to get remote support of all Bang & Olufsen NetworkLink products in your installation. This new role is what we call “Remote support specialist”. In the following document you will find out how to grant a remote support specialist access to your BeoLiving Intelligence and which type of control and product states are available.


Have any questions? You can find answers to the most common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions document. If you are experiencing troubles or malfunction, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide.


For assistance with any issues concerning the BeoLiving Intelligence or the BeoLiving app, don’t hesitate to send us an email at or leave a message at +1 (305) 692 0362 (we will call you back).

Please include detailed information about your issue.

E.g. BLI’s serial number, firmware version and mode (Essential or Pro), screenshots that illustrate an error, etc.

You may also find answers to common issues and interact with us and the community in the BeoWorld Forum.