BeoLiving Intelligence - FAQ


Q: What are the differences between ESSENTIAL and PRO modes?

The next table shows the comparison between BeoLiving Intelligence ESSENTIAL and BeoLiving Intelligence PRO:

Control of Bang & Olufsen products
Control of Philips Hue products
Control of ONVIF enabled cameras
Control through BeoLiving App
Control through Bang & Olufsen's TVs
Create Scenes through BeoLiving App
Voice control through Alexa
Voice control through Google Assistant
Remote support specialist
IFTTT support
Integration with most popular Home Automation brands
Web interface advanced configuration
Control through its Web interface
Bang & Olufsen Light & Control functions as Macro triggers
Integration with MasterLink legacy products through a BLGW or MLGW
Lua Macro commands
Customization of BeoLiving App

Q: How do I upgrade the BeoLiving Intelligence to PRO mode?

While logged in as “admin” user (How do I access the setup interface as admin?), at the top menu bar the ESSENTIAL access page contains information regarding your BLI and Licensing information. In Product information, the License type shows the current license of your BLI, with a link for upgrading to BLI PRO. This link will redirect you to, where you can start the upgrade process via PayPal.

Once the payment process finishes, your BLI will be automatically upgraded to PRO mode within a minute approximately.


Q: How do I get my BeoLiving Intelligence IP address?

You can find out the IP address of your BeoLiving Intelligence in several ways, some suggestions:

  • Use a network scanner/IP-scanner (e.g. the free-ware Fing). The best result is obtained using a hand held device; remember to access the Wi-Fi network used by the BeoLiving Intelligence.
  • Using a computer on the same network as the BeoLiving Intelligence and an application that supports Bonjour discovery (e.g. the Safari browser , avahi-browse), lookout for “_hipservices._tcp.” service.
  • Access to your LAN router and search for the assigned IP to BeoLiving Intelligence.

Q: How do I access the setup interface as admin?

An installer can gain access to BeoLiving Intelligence’s setup interface with the admin user. This user has a first-time access procedure, the installer may use the Setup function 2 to set the admin password to “admin” for 5 minutes, the BLI will then request a new password as soon as the web interface is accessed.

Step by step

  1. With the BLI in normal operation (green light on), PRESS & HOLD the button
  2. The light will go off, and after a couple of seconds it will flash RED once
  3. DO NOT RELEASE the button, the light will flash red twice
  4. After you see it flash two times, release the button
  5. The light should now start flashing green and yellow, SHORT PRESS the button to confirm
  6. The BeoLiving Intelligence’s password will now be set to admin

For more information about the user button, refer to the specific section of BeoLiving Intelligence Advanced User guide.

Q: Why are my changes to configuration not going into effect on the BeoLiving app?

This may be happening because your changes havent been saved yet. Press ctrl+shift+S to quick save the configuration.

Please refer to the specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence link to 3rd party Cloud Service guide.

Please refer to the specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence link to 3rd party Cloud Service guide.

Refer to our specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence link to 3rd party Cloud Service guide.

Cloud services

Q: Is it possible to fire IFTTT Applets with BeoLiving Intelligence?

Yes, it is possible when your BeoLiving Intelligence is in PRO mode. Follow our guide How to Fire IFTTT applets through BLI commands.

Q: How can I control my devices using Alexa?

Please refer to the specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence Alexa skill guide.

Q: Alexa does not understand when I try to control some device…

Sometimes, devices name are not suitable for Alexa to understand. Some workarounds to fix this issue are described in BeoLiving Intelligence Alexa skill guide.

Make sure you first enabled Remote Access on your BeoLiving Intelligence through BeoLiving App. Refer to Khimo Cloud Link’s configuration for a detailed description.

Issue reporting

Q: How do I report an issue with my BeoLiving Intelligence?

Refer to our specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence Troubleshooting guide. You will find instructions on how to report BeoLiving Intelligence errors.

Q: My BeoLiving Intelligence is not responding, what should I do?

Refer to our specific guide: BeoLiving Intelligence Troubleshooting guide. You will find instructions to follow when your BeoLiving Intelligence isn’t responding or isn’t returning to normal operation mode.

BLI Operation

Q: I can’t connect my BeoLiving Intelligence to a certain HA system, what should I do?

  • Check that both BeoLiving Intelligence and the HA system are connected to the same LAN network.
  • Check the connectivity of each system (e.g.: ping BeoLiving Intelligence and HA system).
  • In the Systems section of the BeoLiving Intelligence web interface, check that the Connection settings of the HA system are correctly configured.
  • Try to provoke a system reset of the HA system and check if the connection can be established.

If the connection can’t be restored, follow the instructions in BeoLiving Intelligence Troubleshooting Guide for creating a Service report of your BeoLiving Intelligence.

Q: How can I find the specific source of an A/V device in BLApp?

Sources shown in the BLApp are managed in the Interfaces section of the BeoLiving Intelligence web interface. Select the device that contains the source, and check that the source’s “Hidden” check box isn’t selected. For more information regarding configuration of user interfaces check Interfaces section of BeoLiving Intelligence PRO User Guide.

Q: What does the BeoLiving Intelligence LED state mean?

The LED on the BeoLiving Intelligence displays it’s current state, as shown in the following table:

Activity LED state
Normal operation Solid Green
Critical error Red / Yellow flash
Firmware update Red quick flash
Loading configuration Green quick flash
Waiting for User confirmation Green / Yellow quick flash
User confirmation acknowledge Solid Yellow
Boot Solid Red

Q: How can I control my BeoLiving Intelligence?

BeoLiving Intelligence has multiple ways of controlling your house. From factory, BeoLiving Intelligence can be controlled using the BeoLiving App, or using your Voice (by linking your BeoLiving Intelligence with Alexa, for example). After upgrading your BeoLiving Intelligence mode to PRO, you will also be able to control your house through the web interface and the Home Control native application on Bang & Olufsen TVs.

Q: Can I control the BLI with my voice?

Yes, using Alexa, Google Assistant or other 3rd party services through IFTTT. See BeoLiving Intelligence link to 3rd party Cloud Service guide for more information.

Q: Can I control my devices from outside my house?

Once your BeoLiving Intelligence is on PRO mode, you will be able to control your house from anywhere. You can enable remote access by going to your BeoLiving Intelligence settings on the BLApp.

Q: How can I find what FUNCTION number corresponds to the LIGHT list controls on my BeoRemote?

The LIGHT and CONTROL lists on your BeoRemote (i.e.: GOODBYE, MORNING, etc.) correspond to different function numbers (i.e.: LIGHT FUNCTION 17, LIGHT FUNCTION 1, etc) that can be used as Events to trigger BLI Macros.

To find out what function number corresponds to each name, you may go to the Monitor tool and see what Event comes in when you press each button. Or directly on the Macro creation page, under Events, press Capture and the Events you press will now appear to add directly to your Macro.

Q: How can I access a media library stored in a BeoMaster 5, or similar NAS (Network-Attached Storage), connected via DLNA?

On the BeoLiving app, you can access these media libraries by selecting any music source on a product (E.g: Music, Deezer, TuneIn, etc.), and pressing the “Content” button that can be found to the center-right of the screen.

Take into account that once the Storage device is connected, it will take some time to retrieve all the information on to the BLI. In the case of a full BeoMaster, this can take up to hours.

BeoLiving Intelligence does not support MasterLink products directly, however they can still be used with the BLI via a BeoLink Converter or using the MasterLink Gateway Protocol driver that enables control of MasterLink products through a BeoLink or MasterLink Gateway.

This device converts audio between the analogue world (Master Link) into a streaming signal (Network Link) and vice versa. It also handles sending control signals (Prev, Next, Play, Pause, etc.) between ML and NL products while they play BeoLink Multiroom.

Yes you can, but you need the BeoLink Converter NL/ML and it has to be configured correctly. See the BeoLink Converter NL/ML - Installation Guide. It is NOT possible using the MasterLink Gateway Protocol driver.

Control of the link (slave) MasterLink rooms is possible when using the MasterLink Gateway Protocol driver integration, but it will not work through the BeoLink Converter integration.

Yes, if the borrowed sources have been configured and are part of the source list inside the Network Link product, then they can be selected using the BLI.

The MLN is needed when configuring the MasterLink Converter or when adding MasterLink products to your BLI through the MLGW Protocol using a BLGW or MLGW. It is configured on the web Setup page of the gateway under Interfaces–>B&O Products for each MasterLink product.

Other issues

Q: If the power goes off, do I lose the BeoLiving Intelligence configuration?

BeoLiving Intelligence’s configuration is persistent, so all configuration and programming will be safe if any power-off occurs.

Q: How do I know which Home Automation systems can be integrated?

The list of Home Automation systems that are supported out of the box can be found here: System Drivers Guide. However, new Home Automation systems are added with each firmware update and on the online repos.

Q: Are the firmware updates necessary?

BeoLiving Intelligence comes by default with automatic firmware updates enabled. You can choose to turn-off that option, and check for firmware updates manually. Firmware updates are highly recommended in order to avoid malfunction or abnormal operation.

Q: How can I solve display errors on the Home Control TV app?

Try to clear the data and cache of HAWebPanel application. For TV’s with Video Engine 3.0 (Android TV’s), go to Settings > Android Settings > Device - Apps > System apps - HAWebPanel.

The BeoLink Gateway configuration is fully compatible with the BeoLiving Intelligence. Check our detailed description for further information about the migration process.

Q: Where can I buy a BeoLiving Intelligence?

You can buy the BeoLiving Intelligence from any Bang & Olufsen dealer or by contacting us at