Manuals & Instructions

Alexa usage and skill Guide

Description of the available voice commands and devices you can control using Alexa and BeoLiving Intelligence.

Connect B&O TVs to a BLI

Configure your TV to be able to control your Home from it.

Fire IFTTT applets through BLI commands

Fire IFTTT applets directly from a BeoLiving Intelligence Macro

Cameras Integration Guide

Which cameras are compatible, how to set up the cameras in PRO mode, and how they are used by the clients.

Siri Shortcuts configuration and usage guide for PRO BLI

Set up Siri Shortcuts to enable you to fire your PRO BeoLiving Intelligence's scenes by talking to Siri over the Khimo Cloud.

LUA Macros for BLI Manual

An introduction to LUA macros, with definitions, practical examples and useful links.

Configure Essential BLI with Siri Shortcuts

Send HTTP messages to execute commands on the BLI using Siri Shortcuts, while connected to your local network (Essential & Pro).

HTTP communication to and from the BLI

Use of the Custom HTTP driver and examples.