BTicino My Home


Connection to a BTicino My Home system is made via an Ethernet connection to a My Home Gateway interface. The available interfaces are the MH200N (that acts as a scenario programmer and SCS/LAN Gateway) and F454 (Audio/Video Web Server that also acts as an integration Gateway) BTcino products. It’s worth mentioning that:

  • The MH202 scenario programmer doesn’t work as a SCS/LAN Gateway.
  • BTicino presents his own Gateway as the F455 product, but as explained in his technical sheet it cannot be used as a development Gateway (SDK) for third-party Apps or as an integration Gateway (Vantage drivers, etc.); the Gateway F454 must be used). Both the IP address and the TCP port must be configured on BeoLiving Intelligence. Note that in order to establish a communication, BeoLiving Intelligence must reside in an allowed IP range defined in the My Home project.

Defining Resources

Integration between BeoLiving Intelligence and BTicino consist in interaction implemented via button presses and scenario selection, and two types of dimmer control. Therefore, New Bticino scene button, Bticino button, Bticino dimmer 100 level and Bticino dimmer 10 steps can be defined as resources.

Bticino dimmer 100 level support intensity sets between [0-100]. Bticino dimmer 10 steps only support intensity set between [0-100] by 10 steps level. In this case, a round is implemented in the LEVEL command. Selection between this two types of dimmer resource depends on the capabilites of the BTicino dimmer product to integrate with BeoLiving Intelligence.

There is also Bticino scene button which is deprecated and kept only for backward compatibility.

The address of a button resource is composed of the where part and the what part, separated by a comma.Where is the address of a module or group of devices, and what indicates a scenario or push button identification.

The address of a dimmer resource is the where based in point-to-point interaction, as area part and point of light part (<A><PL>).

Events and commands

Events and commands can be either scenario selection, CEN or dimmer LEVEL changes/sets.

For scenario selection New Bticino scene button resources must be defined (Bticino scene button which is now deprecated and only present for backward compatibility).

New Bticino scene button has PRESS event and command for scene selection.

Bticino button has PRESS, RELEASE, HOLD and HOLD RELEASE events and commands.

Bticino dimmer 10 steps and Bticino dimmer 100 level has LEVEL events and commands.