Connection to a Smart-House system

Connection to a Smart-House system is made via an Ethernet connection to a Smart-House controller.

Both the IP address and the TCP port must be configured on BeoLiving Intelligence.

Remark: when loading different configurations it may be necessary to reboot the Smart-House system to reestablish connection with it.

Defining Resources

Resources can be

  • dupline input channels,
  • dupline output channels or
  • functions of type sequence.

Interaction between BeoLiving Intelligence and the Smart-House system is implemented via changes in the status of channels and the start / stop of sequences.

Dupline channel addresses are of the form A1: an uppercase letter (A to Z) followed by a digit (1 to 8).

Functions are identified by a single number.

Events and commands

Events can be a dupline channel set, a dupline channel reset, a sequence start or a sequence stop.

Commands to a Smart-House system are set, reset or pulse a dupline channel and start or abort a sequence.