ABB-free@home Driver

Free@home is a set of devices interconnected together into a single ecosystem which you can configure to have specific behaviours. This driver will communicate with your free@home system in order to integrate its devices to the BLI family.

Prequisites for using the free@home cloud api

  • A system access point with at least version 2.2.4 must be available.
  • The end user must have a ABB myBUILDINGS/myBUSCH-JAEGER account.

Connecting to the system

Configuration on the Busch-Jaeger web:

  • The system access point must be connected to the myBUSCH/myBUSCH-JAEGER cloud with that account.
  • This can be done by visiting Settings -> myBuildings/myBUSCH-JAEGER -> Connection on the system access point with a browser.
  • The system access point must enable the free@home API support setting under Settings -> myBUILDINGS/myBUSCH-JAEGER -> Connection.
  • Once the first connection attempt using the free@home cloud API is made, the end user must grant access to the system access point (logging into the system access point with a browser will display a message box asking for that permission).

Connection settings and configuration on the BeoLiving Intelligence

  • Login with your ABB account by clicking “Link” besides the “Linked As” field. You will be asked for your credentials, after success you are ready to go!

Available resources (RESOURCE TYPE)

You currently have four supported types:

  • Thermostat (AC THERMOSTAT): Any Thermostat or temperature device in the installation.
  • Shade (SHADE): Any Blind/Shade device in the installation.
  • Dimmer (DIMMER): MultiLevel lights in your installation.
  • Lamp (DIMMER): Lamp resources are simple ON/OFF switches. When controlling, 0 means OFF and any other positive number means ON.

Resource Address

Resources for this system should be added using the discovery feature and not with a manual address.

Resource discovery

To add the resources:

  1. click the ‘Import resources’ button, then ‘Load resource from connected system’. It might take a few minutes.
  2. There will appear all discovered resources on your installation, choose a zone and click ‘Add’ to finish setup.

Resource Events

All resources are capable of sending STATE_UPDATE events, with varying information. Dimmer/Lamp/Shade: send LEVEL. Thermostats: Send Eco Mode, Fan Auto, Mode, Setpoint and Temperature values.

Captured events

Press the “Capture” button, excecuted events sent by the systems in your installation (that you can normally find in Tools–>Monitor) will appear so that you can select them and use them to trigger functions.

Resource Commands

  • AC Thermostat commands:
    • SET ECO MODE: Set to True or False.
    • SET FAN AUTO: Set to True or False.
    • SET MODE: Set to Auto, Heat, Cool and OFF.
    • SET SETPOINT: Desired Value.
  • Dimmer/Lamp commands:
    • SET: Set the dimmer level between 0 and 100
  • Shade commands:
    • LOWER
    • RAISE
    • STOP


v0.1 | 10/09/2020

  • Initial version

    v0.2 | 07/10/2020

  • Improves in-line setup help

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