Send email using secure SMTP

Secure SMTP | Send emails from the BLI

Setup your account secure smtp, add your contacts addresses as resources and send emails directly from any macro.


In order to use it with a GMAIL account you should enable the SMTP service in GMAIL settings and define a password for this access.

To do this “2 step verification” in Google Account->Security must be turned on. When this is the case, the option to create an app password should be visible, one must be created for a “custom device”.

This is the password that should be inserted in “User Password” when configuring the system.

After that use the following connection settings in the BeoLiving Intelligence:

  • Host:
  • Port: 465
  • Account username:
  • Account password: [the special password that you created for this use]

Change log

v0.1 | Initial release