Connection to a Vantage system

Communication with a Vantage system is done through an InFusion Dim Controller. This device has both RS232 and Ethernet interfaces.

Connection to the RS232 interface can be done directly using a fully wired RS232 cable and it is fixed at no parity, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits. Make sure to configure bit rate and flow control as needed.

Connection settings for Ethernet are the IP address of the InFusion Dim Controller and its telnet port.


To program the InFusion Dim Controller, the PC tool Design Center is needed. It lets you define all components of your Vantage system, where each one has an address called vid (Vantage Identification Number).

On BeoLiving Intelligence you can define as resources the following items:

  • a button on any control
  • a task

To define a resource, you need to know the Button or Task vid, which must be entered in the address field.

Events and commands

An event corresponds to a Button press or release.

Supported commands are:

  • Button press and release
  • Button press
  • Button release
  • Task activation (press, hold, release)