Remote support specialist

In BeoLiving Intelligence, the new role of “Remote Support Specialist” is introduced. The purpose of this specialist is to remotely support all Bang & Olufsen’s NetworkLink products during installation and other general support needs.

Invite the specialist

There are two ways to invite a Remote Support Specialist in BeoLiving Intelligence: through the BeoLiving App or through the setup web interface (PRO only).

Once the invitation is accepted a remote specialist can access the project by logging in to

Invite through BeoLiving App

Through BeoLiving App, an invitation can be sent by going to the Device Settings of the BeoLiving Intelligence. Go to Remote support entry, as the following image shows.

Remote support specialist

Insert the remote support specialist’s email and click on Invite.

Remote support specialist insert email

After accepting the invitation, the installer can visualize the project at, being able to control and check the state of all devices.

Invite through setup web-interface | PRO only

Invitation through the web-interface for a BeoLiving Intelligence in PRO mode is done at Setup > Khimo Cloud Link.

Remote support specialist invitation

By clicking on “invite” you can send the invitation email to the remote specialist.

Remote support specialist invitation

State monitoring and support actions

After logging into, the remote suport specialist will be able to check the following information on the available NetworkLink devices:

  • Connection state: Displays if the device is online or offline.
  • Playing state: Shows the current playing state of the device.
  • Selected source: Displays the source being played by the device, if any.
  • Source ID: Displays the Source identifier of the source being played by the device.
  • Volume: Shows the volume level of device.
Remote specialist page

The remote support specialis will be able to perform the following actions on the devices:

  • Increase or decrease volume.
  • Put the device in standby.
  • Reboot the device (as long the device supports reboots).
  • Select a source on the device.