How To's & Practical Examples

Here you can find fun ideas and practical setup guides to get the most out of your BeoLiving Intelligence!

Halo "Choose the playlist" button

Create a Halo button to select a desired playlist

Fade to Volume Lua Macro for BeoLiving Intelligence

Fade the volume in Mozart products with a macro.

Turn your Halo into a clock w/weather forecast

Create a Clock and a Weather Button

Halo configuration with macros

Disarm an alarm with the BeoRemote Halo through a macro

Hey Siri, run play the BBC on B&O

Excecute Macro on the Essential BLI using Siri Shortcuts

How to control Your BLI with the BeoRemote One

Use the Light & Control commands of the B&O remotes to fire BeoLiving Intelligence macros.

Business reception setup for TVs and doorbell

Turn on a B&O TV and show the frontdoor camera when someone rings the doorbell.

Start Your Day on the Right Foot with BLI and Siri

Configure a wakeup routine on your phone to start your day with a smile! (Pro BLI)