How To's & Practical Examples

Here you can find fun ideas and practical setup guides to get the most out of your BeoLiving Intelligence!

Halo "Choose the playlist" button

Create a Halo button to select a desired playlist

Fade to Volume Lua Macro for BeoLiving Intelligence

Fade the volume in Mozart products with a macro.

Turn your Halo into a clock w/weather forecast

Create a Clock and a Weather Button

Halo configuration with macros

Disarm an alarm with the BeoRemote Halo through a macro

Hey Siri, run play the BBC on B&O

Excecute Macro on the Essential BLI using Siri Shortcuts

How to control Your BLI with the BeoRemote One

Use the Light & Control commands of the B&O remotes to fire BeoLiving Intelligence macros.

Join the First Playing Network Link Product or Play a Predefined BeoCloud:netRadio Station

Use this BeoLiving Intelligence macro to automatically join a playing Network Link product or, if no music is playing, select a predefined BeoCloud:netRadio station.

Business reception setup for TVs and doorbell

Turn on a B&O TV and show the frontdoor camera when someone rings the doorbell.

Make the Mozart product announce the zone it just joined.

Use a BeoLiving Intelligence automation to make the Mozart (Control Link) product tell you which zones they are playing from, in your language!

Make the Mozart product say aloud the station name when it starts playing from B&O Radio.

Use a BeoLiving Intelligence macro to make the Mozart (Control Link) product tell you the name of the B&O Radio station when it is selected, in your language!

Start Your Day on the Right Foot with BLI and Siri

Configure a wakeup routine on your phone to start your day with a smile! (Pro BLI)