BeoLiving Intelligence What’s New

BeoLiving Intelligence What’s New

The BeoLiving Intelligence use the core of the BeoLink Gateway but it is designed for a wider audience. In it standard version it has the following futures:

  • Fully configurable from the BeoLiving App
  • Allows control of all the B&O products
  • Allows the creation of automation scenes
  • Handles basic Bang & Olufsen products configuration
  • Enables voice control using Alexa
  • Integrates with IFTTT
  • Handles Deezer and TuneIn credentials for all your B&O products
  • Allows the creation of Bang & Olufsen products groups, making them to work as one
  • Password less system, you will not need to remember any password!

On top of all that, at any point, it could be upgraded to PRO to get a full professional home automation controller. Once updated it will also have free remote access to control and monitor your home or building.

The hardware

BeoLiving Intelligence comes in a small but powerful hardware that is 4 times faster in its processing speed compared with BeoLink Gateway. Its compact size makes easier its installation and saves space.

New BeoLiving App

BeoLiving Intelligence comes with the new BeoLiving App (successor of the BeoLink 2 app) for an extensive, full and easily control of your building controller configuration.

Easily linking with Alexa and IFTTT

Without any user or password to remember, link with third party cloud services is done by following some simple steps to pair your BeoLiving Intelligence with the service provider. For legacy purposes, previous linking method is available for BeoLink Gateway users.

Bang & Olufsen products groups

BeoLiving Intelligence and BeoLiving App introduce a new feature called Products’ groups. This feature allows to statically link Bang & Olufsen NetworkLink’s products so them always behave as one. E.g.: In big rooms with multiple products its wanted that all products reproduce the same song or playlist at the same time. In a products’ group, exist a master product that will be the source and volume reference of the group and the rest of the grouped products will follow any source/volume change of master automatically and the BeoLiving App will only show the master.

Credentials setting

It’s possible to set the credentials for some content providers, such as Deezer or TuneIn, on all products directly from the BeoLiving App. Default credentials for a specific content provider can now be set, and when BeoLiving Intelligence finds a new device that hasn’t been set previously with credentials, it will set them automatically. Previously, credential setting for each content provider would be done manually for each product through their web interface, this being a tedious procedure.

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