Setup Button

Setup Button

BeoLiving Intelligence has a button accessible in the connections compartment.

This button provides several functions during normal operation:

  • Function 1: Temporary enable link to third party applications. For further details go to Link 3rd party apps at Table of contents.
  • Function 2: Reset password to default.
  • Function 3: Set network settings to fixed IP (
  • Function 4: Set network settings to use DHCP.
  • Function 5: Erase all configuration and settings.

To select a function, press and hold the setup button. This will cycle through all available functions as indicated by the LED blinking.

Release the button when you arrive to the desired function number and the LED will start to blink, press the setup button again in order to confirm the function execution.

Apart of being used to confirm input function, a single press during normal operation is used to fire System eventĀ“s (for executing macros).

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