System events

System events

BeoLiving Intelligence produces its own set of events which are not associated to external systems.

When creating a macro, select events of type System to get a menu of different options.

These events are:

Setup button event

This event is generated when you make a short press on the setup button on BeoLiving Intelligence.

This is used mainly for testing macros during configuration, and is not intended for the end users.

System connection events

You can trigger a macro whenever one of the connections to the external systems changes state. For example, whenever the lighting control system disconnects.

Note that not all supported systems can detect all of the connection states.

If using this feature, please make sure to actually test your macros, and use the system logs for understanding how BeoLiving Intelligence detects each state.

Clock events

You can generate events at specific times and dates, or even relative to surnise or sunset.

For sunrise and sunset events, see the help on astronomical clock.

For absolute clock events, you can choose:

  • Month
  • Day of month
  • Day of week
  • Hour
  • Minute

For each of these, you can choose any or an actual value.

For example, for having an event every wednesday at noon, select any month, any day of month, Wednesday, 12 hours, 0 minutes.

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