Setting up Systems

Setting up Systems

The systems screen is for setting up all external systems connected to BeoLiving Intelligence.

To add a new system, select the “+” option available on the area/zone list on the left sidebar.

You will be able to add any of the supported systems, with the exception of internal systems which can only appear once in the installation: BeoLink and Virtual Resources are added by default.

For each system you can change the zone, rename the system, and adjust it’s configuration and connection settings.

Where to place a system?

You may note that all systems should be assigned to zones, while actually most systems affect or have resources throughout the house.

Systems are invisible to the end users; they will have access to resources and macros, not systems. Resources and macros are indeed distributed into the corresponding zones.

So assigning systems to zones is mainly for the installer. Normally you would select the zone where the actual control or interface hardware is located: BeoLiving Intelligence hardware, network interfaces for lighting control systems, controller hardware, etc.

System status icons

For each system, a connection status icon is added at the bottom of the screen.

These icons provide quick status indication by means of a color code and a pop-up message under the mouse pointer.

If a system fails to connect, check the system logs for information about the problem.

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