BeoLiving Intelligence Privacy Policy

BeoLiving Intelligence Privacy Policy

Data privacy is important to our company (referred in this document as “us”) because we respect the privacy rights of users and recognize the importance of protecting information collected about you. This Privacy Policy explains how information is collected, used and disclosed when using a BeoLiving Intelligence (“home controller”). The BeoLiving Intelligence provides the user (“you”) with features for your smart home products such as remote access and product control. It also acts as an integrator between third-party services and home systems such as Twitter, Nest and Philip Hue. It also uses the Khimo service to provide remote access. This policy is closely related to the BeoLiving App Privacy Policy, since the BeoLiving App is basically a user interface for the BeoLiving Intelligence.

Who we are?

Bang & Olufsen Group consists of Bang & Olufsen a/s, Peter Bangs vej 15, DK-7600 Struer, Denmark and its subsidiaries, including B&O Play a/s, Peter Bangs vej 15, 7600 Struer, Denmark.

What will we do with your personal information?

By using our service you knowingly provide personal information that is stored in your home controller. This information will only be used in order to provide you with the features of our service and always in ways you would reasonably expect.

Log files of all the system activity are kept in the home controller and you have the option to download them and then send them to us. These log files help us to debug and fix any possible errors and will not be used for any other purpose than that. If you choose to share it with anyone else, you do it under your own responsibility. The logs could contain any of the personal data listed below and any relevant system information. In addition to creating the logs, the information will be also processed for the purposes that are specified in each item:

  • **Home controller’s credentials**: Your home controller’s user and password will be requested when you log in to the service. This will be stored in order to identify you as a user.

  • **Credentials and tokens from third parties**: The credentials and tokens of the third parties you connect to the home controller are stored to be able to send and retrieve information from them.

  • **IP of third parties:** The IP addresses of each third-party system connected to the home controller are stored in order to establish and maintain communication with them.

  • **Description of the house**: This information is used to create macros, send commands to the resources and share it with the BeoLiving App.

  • **Home controllers commands and changes of status**: Each command you execute as well as any status change and events that occurs in your home controllers are stored for local monitoring and fixing. This information is not persistent and will be deleted if you reboot the home controller.

All this information is stored in the home controller until you reset it, except the logs that are kept until reaching a certain amount of data stored.

Do we share information with third parties?

In some cases, the home controller will need to share personal information with third parties.

When you link a third-party to the home controller, it might share the credentials you have previously set for that third-party and any other information that is necessary to be able to use the service that it provides. We understand that you have previously read and agreed with that third-party’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

In particular, the service is always connected to Khimo cloud services in order to provide remote access. For this purpose, information such as your home controller’s IP and your home description is shared. We make sure that Khimo does not store any information unless what you accept in Khimo’s Privacy Polciy.

Also, in order to be able to use the BeoLiving App the home controller will share the home description with it.

Your personal information may be also disclosed to a third-party if we are required to do so because of an applicable law, court order or governmental regulation.

Do we receive information from third parties?

When using third-party home systems, the home controller might get some information from them such as configured devices, changes of state and logged in credentials and tokens. This information is necessary to be able to control the products and will be used for that purpose only.

How can you access, erase or update your personal information?

If you are an EU citizen the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you rights regarding your personal information. More specifically, you can access, review, update and delete any personal information we hold. If you have sent us personal information by emailing the service’s logs, you can exercise these rights by writing to with your requests and we will get back to you in less than 5 working days.

In addition to you being able to request the deletion of your data, if you stop using our services for a period of 5 years and you have accepted this policy, then your data will be automatically deleted.

Where do we store your information?

The information is stored locally in the home controller, however it might be transferred to a third-party as specified in the “Do we share information with third parties” section.

What about children?

We do not knowingly solicit or collect any personal information from children under 16. If notified by a parent or discovered by any means that we have gathered information from a child under 16 we will delete it as soon as possible.

Could this policy change?

We might change this policy in case of any change on what or how the data is processed. If we do change this policy we will communicate with you so you can choose whether to agree to the new use.

What am I accepting?

By accepting this policy you let us know that you have read and understood this policy, and that you agree with our legitimate interest in processing your personal data.

What if you are not satisfied with this policy?

If you have any doubts or concerns about this policy please send us a message to and we will answer you in less than 5 working days. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our communication, you may refer your complaint to the Danish Data Protection Authorities at

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