Areas and zones

Areas and zones

Everything in BeoLiving Intelligence is organized into zones.

Zones represent rooms or other locations in the home such as kitchen, hallway, garden, garage, etc.

In order to accomodate for big installations, zones themselves are organized into areas. Examples of areas are: upstairs and downstairs, guest house, barbecue.

“global” zone

There is a special zone called global in its own special area. Use this zone for resources that apply to the whole residence.

For example, macros that act on many zones at a time such as Party mode, Welcome, Vacation mode and Good night, may all go into the global zone.

Do not assign A/V products to the global zone, since these products will not appear in BeoLiving App or in the web panel interface.

“unassigned resources” zone

Every B&O Network Link product is discovered and added by default in your configuration. “unassigned resources” is the zone used by BeoLiving Intelligence to allocate new discovered B&O products.

Adding and editing areas and zones

A list on the left hand side of the screen shows all areas and their zones.

You can quickly find a zone by typing into the filter box.

Areas can be added, renamed or removed.

Zones can be renamed and removed, moved to a different area, and assigned an icon. This icon will show on the user interfaces.

The global zone can only be renamed.

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