The Clipsal programming model defines trigger groups and trigger actions as a way to call lighting scenes. Any scene defined by a trigger group/action pair can be called from BeoLiving Intelligence. Also dimmers and shades can be controlled knowing the corresponding application and group address numbers.

Clipsal resources

Resources correspond to trigger groups. Usually a trigger group is shared by a set of mutually exclusive scenes, each identified by a trigger action within the group.

So the address of Clipsal scene button resources is composed of two numbers, trigger group and action selector, separated by a comma.

For example, 3,6 identifies action selector 6 within trigger group 3.

For dimmers and shades the address is also composed by two numbers, but in this case they are application number and group address.

For example, 56,1 identifies the dimmer or shade with application number 56 (default for lighting) and group address 1.

There are three resource types for shades: Clipsal shade, Clipsal shade toggle and Clipsal shade GPIO. Clipsal shade can interact with a 3 button shutter relay, Clipsal shade toggle with a single button shutter relay and Clipsal shade GPIO with a two button shutter relay.