Lutron Grafik QS

Connecting to a Grafik QS system

Connection to a Grafik QS system is done via a QSE-CI-NWK-E interface, which allows for Ethernet and RS232 connectivity.

For RS232 communications, set the same bit rate on the QSE-CI-NWK-E interface and on BeoLiving Intelligence connection settings.

Connection settings for Ethernet are the IP address of the interface and the password. The default password is ‘nwk’.

Defining Grafik QS resources

The resources you need to define are control units and accessory controls (e.g. keypads) with which you need to interact. Each is defined by a serial number which can be found on a label on each product, or from the control units bus status information, or by inspecting BeoLiving Intelligence monitoring information.

Grafik QS events and commands

Events from a Grafik QS system can be lighting scene changes on control units, or key presses.

Possible commands are scene changes on control units.