Generic HomeAutomation Dimmers (Community)

Generic Home Automation Dimmers

The Generic Home Automation Dimmers Driver implements a generic protocol for communicating with devices in programeble Home Automations systems like Crestron, Control4, Savant, AMX, etc.

The Home Automation Controller opens a TCP/IP Server on selected port and responds to Ping/Pong messages as requested by the BLI (or BLGW) driver.

The Protocol is structured as a comma seperated ASCII protocol with a Carrige Return terminator as following:


The following Types are referenced by number as following:

  • Type 0 = Resource
  • Type 1 = Button without LED
  • Type 2 = Button with LED
  • Type 3 = Dimmer
  • Type 4 = Shade
  • Type 5 = HVAC

Example Strings:

  • 0,0,0\x0d = Ping
  • 0,0,1\x0d = Request all resource names
  • 0,0,2\x0d = Request all status updates
  • 0,1,Bedroom Lights/x0d = Status feedback from HA system
  • 2,1,1\x0d = Button with LED feedback, Press, ID Number 1
  • 3,4,90\x0d = Dimmer, 4 set to 90%