iTach Flex Infrared

Global Cache iTach FLEX INFRARED

This driver supports communication with Global Cache iTach Flex used with all IR link cables, allowing to send IR commands through all cable ports connected.

Connecting to the system

Connection to the system is done via Ethernet interface. For achieving this, the following parameters should be provided:

  1. Host: The IP address or hostname of the device.
  2. Port: The port number where the device is waiting for connections (by default equal to 4998).

Available resources

This driver is based on sending strings to the external system through the unique IR_COMMAND resource type mapped as a BUTTON.

There are 3 parameters for each resource:

  • Name of the resource.
  • Resource type.
  • A resource address, which is a string representation of the IR command.

Resource Address

An IR command (infrared transmission), is created by sending an IR timing pattern to the iTach Flex. This pattern is a collection of on and off states modulated with a carrier frequency, which is present during the on state.

Resource address has the following structure:



  • <module:port> = address of the desired IR channel. Module always must be equal 1.
  • <ID> = 0 1 2 65535 (used for the \_COMPLETE\_IR\_TX Event. See below.)
  • <freq> = 15000 500000 (in hertz)
  • <repeat> = 1 2 20 (the IR command is sent times)
  • <offset> = 1 3 5 383 (used if is greater than 1)
  • <on1> = 4 5 50000 (number of pulses)
  • <off1> = 4 5 50000 (absence of pulse periods of the carrier frequency)
  • N = the count of <on>,<off> pairs, which must be less than 260 (total of 520 numbers)

For example the corresponding resource address for send the TV Standby command in B&O IR format through port 1 looks like this:


Commands and Events

  • PRESS : Command for send IR command.
  • _COMPLETE_IR_TX : Event fired when iTach Flex return that a specific IR command was completely sent. The identification of the IR command successfully sent is made by ID value specified on resource address.

Note: The type of iTach Flex IR link cable connected must be configured by the web interface of the iTach Flex.