Lutron LEAP

Lutron RA2 Extensible Application Protocol (LEAP)

LEAP is the protocol used to integrate Lutron RA2 Select, Caseta and HomeWorks systems.

LEAP development is ongoing so only those devices and features already supported by the protocol at the time of developing this driver are supported.

Buttons are not supported. Dimmers, Shades and Switches are supported.


To connect to a Lutron device add the system and set the IP address at the connection settings, after a couple of seconds press the device button to authorize BLI to connect. You can check the logs hitting the system connection status and there should appear a message asking you to press the mentioned button, but giving it a couple of seconds should be enough. After another couple of seconds the connection status should become green.

Adding resources

To add resources it is recommended to use the import resources functionality. Under the Resources menu, press the Import resources button and then Load resources from connected system, all supported devices connected to your Lutron bridge should show up to be added.

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