This driver provides communication with Velux systems through Ethernet interfaces.

Connection to a Velux system

Communication with a Velux system is achieved via the Velux gateway, which provides an Ethernet interface.

Connection settings for Ethernet consist of: IP address of the Velux gateway (default:, and port number (default: 51200).

Defining resources

The only supported resource type is the “Velux Scene Button” which allows selection of a scene defined in the Velux gateway through its PRESS command.

The address of a “Velux Scene Button” is the scene identification number of the scene that will be activated on PRESS.

Requesting scenes from Velux gateway

All the scenes defined in the Velux gateway can be added automatically as BeoLiving Intelligence resources by selecting Import resources in the resources page, an then Load resources from connected system.

Resources added automatically from the Velux gateway will be named using the scene label already defined.