BeoLiving Intelligence Troubleshooting Guide


The scope of this guide is a troubleshooting guide for installers in case of inappropriate behavior or a malfunction of the BeoLiving Intelligence.

BeoLiving Intelligence has three complementary methods in case of malfunctions of your equipment:

Service Report

Service report is a useful tool for debugging purposes. It creates a .tar.gz file that contains important information that could be helpful to reproduce any issue or malfunction and to understand the setup of the installation.

This information roughly contains:

  • BeoLiving Intelligence logs of the last days of operation.
  • All BeoLiving Intelligence configuration files of the Revision history, including active configuration.

The Service report section can be found in BeoLiving Intelligence’s web interface at the Top bar and in BeoLiving Intelligence PRO at Tools > Service reports.

In this section, a form (to be completed) and the Download button are found.

Steps to follow are:

  1. Copy/Paste the form into an email addressed to
  2. Complete the form in the most detailed way in order to help us to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.
  3. Attach the Service report and send.

Our team will study your case and will reach you as soon as possible with instructions.

System reset button

On the back side of the BeoLiving Intelligence, next to the User button, the system reset button is found. Press for 8 seconds to reboot the BeoLiving Intelligence. This method must be used if the BeoLiving Intelligence is not able to restore its proper operation. After normal operation is restored, a Service report must be generated to let us check what issue occurred in your controller.

Erase all configuration and settings

An alternative, having backed up your current BeoLiving Intelligence configuration, is to erase all the configurations and settings of your controller. This could solve conflicts immediately between your current configuration and firmware, but has the risk of losing previous configurations if not done carefully. Use the setup button function 5 to erase all the configurations and set the unit to the factory defaults.

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