User button

BLI has a button on the connection panel, next to the reset button, which provides several functions during normal operation.

To execute a function, press and hold the setup button. This will cycle through all available functions as indicated by the LED blinking (it will blink once for function 1, after a while it will blink twice for function 2 and so on).

Release the button when you get to the desired function number, where the LED will start to blink waiting for a confirmation. Press the button again in order to confirm the function execution.

  • Function 1: Reserved.
  • Function 2: Set admin username’s password to “admin” (valid for the following) 5 minutes. Check the Setup interface section for further information.
  • Function 3: Set network settings to fixed IP (
  • Function 4: Set network settings to use DHCP.
  • Function 5: Erase all configuration and settings.

In addition to being used to confirm the input function, a single press during normal operation is used to fire System events (refer to BeoLiving Intelligence PRO User Guide).

Step by step example

  1. With the BLI in normal operation (green light on), PRESS & HOLD the button
  2. The light will go off, and after a couple of seconds it will flash RED once
  3. DO NOT RELEASE the button, the light will flash red twice, go off, flash three times, four and then five
  4. After you see it flash five times, release the button
  5. The light should now start flashing green and yellow, SHORT PRESS the button to confirm
  6. The BeoLiving Intelligence will now erase all configuration and settings, this may take up to a minute

A video example showing the use of Function 2 to set the BLI’s password to “admin” is available here.