BeoLiving Intelligence Quick Setup Guide

BeoLiving Intelligence is a Plug & Play home automation controller. The next steps show how to quickly set up your BeoLiving Intelligence.

Setting up the BeoLiving Intelligence

By default, BeoLiving Intelligence comes configured in DHCP mode. This means it gets its IP address from the router it is connected to. To configure a static IP address, please refer to BeoLiving Intelligence Advanced User Guide.

Follow the next steps to set up your BeoLiving Intelligence(BLI):

  1. Connect BLI
  2. Turn on BLI
    • Power your BeoLiving Intelligence using the AC power supply or by using PoE (Power over Ethernet) and wait until the BeoLiving Intelligence is in normal operation mode (the User LED goes solid green).
  3. Install the App
    • Go to the store in your smart device, download and install the BeoLiving App.
  4. Open BeoLiving App
    • When your BeoLiving Intelligence is ready a pop-up will appear. If you own more than one, you can identify them by the serial number located at the back side of each.
    • Once in the pop-up window press “Request access” and follow the instructions provided.
    • Your BeoLiving Intelligence should appear on the BeoLiving App main screen, ready to be used.

Adding Bang & Olufsen products

  1. Go to App and press “Add products”
    • In the main screen of the BeoLiving App, select your BeoLiving Intelligence and click on “Add products”. A list of the supported products that are on the same network will appear.
  2. Create zone
    • Before adding a product, at least one zone (the room where the product resides) must be created. Click on “Create zone” and create one.
  3. Assign product to zone
    • Select the product you want to add from the list and click on “Assign to zone”. Assign the product to the zone you just created.
    • Return to the BeoLiving Intelligence main screen and you should see the zone with the icon of the product added.

You can add more products to that zone, edit products name, change products from zone and create more zones by pressing “Edit products”. Note that only one icon per type of product will appear in the zone.

Controlling Bang & Olufsen products

  1. Select zone
    • Select the zone that the product you want to control is in.
  2. Select source

    On a B&O product, sources are the available origins of audio/visual information (e.g. Youtube, Deezer, Line-Ins, HDMI ports, etc.).

    • In the bottom left corner press the “Source” button. A list of all the products in the zone will appear, including the available sources.
    • Select a source for the product you want to use, e.g.: “Deezer” in an M5 speaker.
    • Once a source is selected, controls will be shown on the main screen. What you control depends on the device and the source you have selected. You can control volume, select content, play, pause, etc.

Creating Scenes

BeoLiving Intelligence Scenes are the way you can control actions performed on several products with one touch.

For example, you can create a Scene that sets the source of a speaker on Deezer, while at the same time setting YouTube on a TV.

Each time you execute the Scene those commands will be executed on your BeoLiving Intelligence, and what’s more, you can schedule the Scene to execute at a given time or periodically.

E.g.: turn on the lights and close the shades each Tuesday at 10 o’clock. To configure a Scene, follow the next steps:

  1. Select a zone
    • Select the zone where the Scene will reside.
  2. Create the scene
    • In the top left corner press the “Scenes” button, and then press the “+” to create a Scene.
    • Give the newly created Scene a meaningful name.
  3. Add products
    • In the list of available products, press “+” to add one to the Scene, and press on its name to configure the action that the product will do when the Scene is executed.
    • The configuration of an action is done through a screen that depends on the device selected.
      • For instance, if it’s a Bang & Olufsen product it will be similar to a remote control, if it’s a light it will be similar to a switch.
    • After selecting all the products you want to control and configuring their actions press “Done”.
  4. Try it out!
    • To fire a scene just press its name, or you can click on the clock icon to schedule it for certain time or day.

Creating Product Groups

Creating a group of Bang & Olufsen products lets you control all of them as if they were one. The content that the master product reproduces is reproduced as well in the rest of the products in the group. To create a group follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select your BeoLiving Intelligence.
  2. Go to Device Settings and press Group products.
  3. Press Create group and select the master product from the list.
  4. Press the “+” button on each product you want to add to the group.

    Once the group is created, whenever content is reproduced in the master, it will be reproduced automatically in the rest of the products of the group. The same goes for volume control on the master.

Setting content provider credentials

A new feature that comes included on both of the BeoLiving Intelligence’s modes, is the ability to set your user credentials for certain content providers( TuneIn and Deezer) to all Bang & Olufsen devices. BeoLiving Intelligence will set user credentials to every discovered device that has not been set previously (this mean that BeoLiving Intelligence does not override existing credentials). To set content provider credentials follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select your BeoLiving Intelligence.
  2. Go to Device Settings and choose the content provider in Accounts.
  3. Insert credentials and press Login.

    STATUS will display credentials state. BeoLiving Intelligence will verify if inserted credentials are valid or not after send them to a detected device without credentials.

Controlling products with your voice

Most of the functionalities you can control with the BeoLiving App can also be voice-controlled if you have an Amazon Alexa (or if you have it in your phone).

For instance, you could ask Alexa to “Turn on Deezer on the M5”.

To be able to do so, a linking process must be done first: please refer to BeoLiving Intelligence Link to Third Party Cloud Service Guide.

A complete list of the available commands can be found in Alexa usage guide or at the Alexa skill description for the BeoLiving Intelligence.

Advanced usage

Continue with BeoLiving Intelligence Advanced User Guide to learn web interface configuration in ESSENTIAL mode. Also, you will find how to upgrade to PRO mode, thus adding even more functionalities and enhancing your experience.

Enjoy your smart home experience with BeoLiving Intelligence!