Accessing the BeoLiving Intelligence

The BLI has a web interface that can be accessed from a network browser. By default, BLI is configured on DHCP mode, meaning that it gets the IP address from the router it’s connected to.

IP address discovery suggestions

  • Look up “_hipservices._tcp” using an application that supports Zero-configuration, such as the Safari browser or the avahi-browse command.
  • Use a network scanner/IP-scanner (e.g. Fing) on the same network as the BLI.
  • Access your LAN router and search for the IP assigned to BLI.

Set static IP address mode

A static IP-address can be set to the BLI by accessing through the web interface, as described in the Network section.

Direct access

The BLI can be set to the factory default IP-address by activating the Setup button function (3); see Button Functions. Once this address is set, you can access it directly using a network browser and an Ethernet crossover cable. Note that the computer must have an IP address in the same range, e.g. with subnet mask